June 14 Top 5 Wednesday – Side Ships

T5W is a weekly book meme hosted by Samantha and Lainey over on YouTube. Each week there is a new book-related topic to answer! If you’re new to Top 5 Wednesday and want to participate, check out the Goodreads group for information and weekly topics!

This week’s topic is: Side Ships — Tell us your favorite relationships that don’t involve the protagonist!

  1. Griffin and Zeke – from the Trickster novels by Rob Thurman. Definitely the best side characters of any book I’ve ever read. Snarky and sarcastic, they deserve novels of their own!
  2. Niko and Promise – also from author Rob Thurman, Niko and Promise of the Cal Leandros series perfect for each other.
  3. Cormac and Amelia – from the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn. Though not technically a couple, they do make an awesome pair.

And…..I can’t think of any more lol

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